AA Files #58


Mary Beard
Pompeii: The Art of Reconstruction

David Gissen

Martin Jameson
Project Runway

Reinhold Martin
History after History

Thomas Daniell
Living in a Material World

Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
On Luxury

Alessandra Ponte
In Conversation with Francois Dallegret

Martino Stierli
The Power of Imagination

Brian Hatton
Out Where?  Venice Biennale 2008

William J. R. Curtis
Intersections: On Re-reading Le Corbusier

Shin Egashira
Border Vehicle

David Crowley
Love Among the Ruins

Colin Ashton
Once Upon a Looking  Glass

Hajime Yatsuka
Autobiography of a Patricide:
Arata Isozaki’s Initiation into Postmodernism

Cédric Libert

Sony Devabhaktuni
A Little Place Called Space

Kent Kleinman
An Open Work