AA Files #60


Michael Sheringham
Epistemologies of the Project

Noam Andrews
Volcanic Rhythms: Sir William Hamilton’s Love Affair With Vesuvius

Sony Devabhaktuni
Overlooking Overpainting

Max Bill
What I Know About Clocks

Kenneth Frampton
Homage à Monica Pidgeon: An AD Memoir

Robin Middleton
Working for Monica 

Alessandra Ponte
Photographic Encounters in the American Desert

Ilka & Andreas Ruby
Of People and Houses 

Matthew Gandy
The Persistence of Complexity: Re-reading Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto 

Igor Marjanovic
Alvin Boyarsky’s Chicago: An Architectural Critic in the City of Strangers 

Bernard Cache
Obama Versus Irresponsibility: Can Moderation Triumph Over Greed? 

James Mosley
Naming Victory: In Search of an English Vernacular Letter

Edward Bottoms
The Mälaren Queen

Christopher Pierce & Thomas Weaver
In Conversation with Léon Krier 

Andrew Crompton
Interior Design Goes to War

M L Chittawadi Chitrabongs
The Politics of Dressing Up

Allen S Weiss
On the Circulation of Metaphors in the Zen Garden

Toby Glanville
At the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery