AA Files #62


Sony Devabhaktuni

Keiji Ito


Pedro Ignacio Alonso & Thomas Weaver

Pedro Ignacio Alonso & Thomas Weaver
In Conversation with Tim Street-Porter

Matthew Aitchison

Who's Afraid of Ivor de Wolfe?

Tom McDonough
The Decline of the Empire of the Visible

William Firebrace
Eyes Aquatic

Mark Campbell
Going Back to Greenville

Owen Heatherley
One Better than Stonehenge

Mark Crinson
Stirling in Wonderland

Thomas Daniell
The Fugitive

Dirk van den Heuvel
TheKasbah of Suburbia

Will McLean
A New Unintended Equilibrium of Functions

Braden R. Engel
The Badger of Muck and Brass

Salvador Lizárraga Sánchez
Barardi Breezer

Vivien Stern
Bricks of Shame?

Christopher Pierce
Gaudí's Gatekeeper