At Platform 28, we focus on the intersection of art, architecture and design. Almost as big as a shipping container, Platform 28 is a multifunctional apparatus that constantly changes from one function to another. These functions often vary from an exhibition space to a library or a workshop and the spatial transformation is made possible by means of mobile units.

 Platform 28's interest is to find an architectural language in four specific categories: The built environment; the visual arts; wearables; and product design. These categories are curated according to our seasonal themes. Our main objective is to render architecture as a multidisciplinary field with many ways of expression that is not limited to the design of buildings and cities only.

 At Platform 28, we symmetrize our objectives as following:

 Platform 28 is a multifunctional apparatus | Platform 28 is about art, architecture and design | Platform 28 is not a gallery | Platform 28 is not a problem solver | Platform 28 is not a monologue | Platform 28 believes in innovation |Platform 28 believes in creativity | Platform 28 believes in the designer mind  |  Platform  28  has  an  interest  in impossibilities | Platform 28 has an interest in the craziness of  ideas  |  Platform  28  has  an  interest  in  debatables  |Platform 28 does not believe in scale | Platform 28 does not believe  in  normality  |  Platform  28  does  not  believe  in predefined  directions  |  Platform  28  acknowledges  the importance  of  the  “past”  but  is  not  interested  in  its consent | Platform 28 encourages constructive thoughts on the future of living | Platform 28 encourages research and process| Platform 28 encourages borderless cultural exchange.