B.U.S Architecture
Undefined Playground

Architects : B.U.S Architecture

Design Team : Jihyun Park/ Seonghak Cho/ Byungyup Lee/ Hyemi Park

Constructor : Jeta Design Association

Photographs : Kyung Roh

Location : Seoul, Korea, Seoul Innovation Park

Size : 14.64 sqm, 3.6 m height

Function : Public facility

Structure : lightweight steel frame

Project Year : 2016

Client : Seoul Innovation Park


#1. Prologue

It is not easy to play with a ball in a city. To use a public sports facility, you need to book two months in advance. As I recall, when I was young, anywhere in the neighborhood would become our playground, as long as we had a ball. Would it be possible to secure the space needed for playing ball in today’s overcrowded city?


Soccer field: 100m x 70m = 108 houses, 30 pyeong in size

Basketball court: 32m x 19m = 7 houses, 30 pyeong in size

Futsal court: 42m x 25m = 12 houses, 30 pyeong in size

Tennis court: 24m x 11m = 3 houses, 30 pyeong in size



#2. Soccer, basketball, tennis, discus throw, sporting goods rental

Some of the ball games are some of the most mainstream outdoor activities out there, and can take place spontaneously anywhere as long as there are willing participants and a ball. And they are highly flexible with respect to season and time compared to other types of games. We picked four different types of ball games that need no special equipment and which anyone can easily learn how to play. The sides of the polyhedron correspond to these four different types of games, in addition to sporting goods rental. The size and area vary depending on the type of the sport and its characteristics.  


#3. RULE

[When Folded]

1- Mini soccer: This is a mini soccer goalpost whose size is small. The two teams, 2 people in each, switch between playing attack and defense, and they play for a set period of time.

2- Triangle basketball court: In the triangle basketball court, the basketball rings come in different shapes and there are different numbers of them. The three triangular basketball rings are hung at different heights and locations. Whoeverputs the ball into each and every one of the basketball rings wins the round. Note that multiple goals in the same ring are not counted more than once.

3- Flying disk: The target on the wall shows the countable scores, as well as the animals from the game of yut. The player takes aim and throws a round disk at the target.

4- Free tennis: A ball is bounced off the wall in the middle, and the two players alternate hitting it.

5- Sporting goods rental: The equipment room has the tools needed for playing. Also, this place can be used as a sales booth or an office during events.  

[When Unfolded]

1- Semicircle soccer field: This semicircle soccer field has the image of the audience attached. The two teams, 3 people in each team, will shoot to score. Note that if you shoot the ball from within the semicircle, it won’t be counted as a goal.    

2- Hammock: Nets are taken out of the equipment room and installed at each of the corners to make a hammock.  

#4.Moving playground

The Undefined Playground is flexible to the participants’ needs, and the structures can be folded or unfolded. When folded, they act as the polyhedron walls, and when unfolded, they transform into a soccer field, and revealing a hidden resting place.