We Have Impact
July 2014
By Brian Boigon


We Have Impact is a collection of short essays on design and society. The book was conceived as an exercise in both thinking and framing design into a poetic system of language and verse. The contents and its aggressive periodicity are braided into a single written design project. We Have Impact addresses how the problem of design itself has been overlooked, particularity in the social design fields. Boigon extracts the design attributes of a variety of sites, including questions around who designed the Weekend, Halo, Mutiny and how snow redesigns the city's surface and audio-graphic qualities. We Have Impact is divided into an eccentric directory of content in which the overall cartographic grammatology creates a pathway into the enchanted forest of the authors wild mind. The author retools the social field of design with each chapter and delivers a scrabble of words across a calculated cadence of verse.